Dive Deeper: Sea Stars!

sea stars

In Zale’s Tales: The Quest for the Magic Pearl, countless sea stars gathered together around the magic pearl.  They, along with many other ocean creatures, were captivated by the pearl’s magic glow.  You or your young ones may be wondering, “But how do sea stars move?  Can they see where they are going?”

Read on for the answers and kid-friendly fun facts to share with your young one(s)!

DSC07532 DSC07581

While it may seem like super-slow-mo to us, sea stars actually do crawl on the seafloor!  Want to see it for yourself?  Click here to watch this BBC time-lapse footage of sea stars moving.

So HOW exactly is it that they move?  Those orange strands that you see in the picture below are actually feet.  But not any ordinary feet.  They are filled with water that is contained in a system of tubes inside their bodies. 


So, they are powered by water, by squeezing it into their tiny tube feet to expand them and move them forward!

Oh, and could sea stars really see the magic pearl and where they were going?  Yes!  Sea stars have eyespots on the ends of their rays (arms) which allow them to detect light and dark and also see very general images fairly close to them.  So, yes, while the pearl may not have been as clear of an image to them as we would see, the sea stars certainly were able to see the magic pearl!

Here are some fun-facts about sea stars to share with your special young one:Sea stars fun facts 2

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Interested in how scientists investigated how sea stars see?  Check this link out for more!

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