Beach Memories in a Bottle: DIY Keepsake


Here’s an easy DIY to bring the beach home with you, or share the beach love as a wedding favor. I love collecting sand from our travels, and wanted to share the tradition with others on a special girls’ birthday weekend to Miami, Florida. So, I set out to make special jars for each lovely lady to be able to fill with sand and seashells.

It doesn’t take much, especially if you’re a spice-bottle hoarder like I am. 🙂 They are too pretty not to save, and I was glad that they could be used for spreading the ocean love to dear friends and family!


  • empty square glass spice jars, saved or purchased empty
  • sheer ribbon,1 ½ to 2” (non-wired)
  • small (about ¾”) backsplash tiles (a square foot of them is around $5 at a home warehouse)
  • hot glue gun and sticks
  • scissors
  • fine point permanent marker
  • optional: paintbrush and pearlizing medium (find it in the craft store near acrylic paint bottles) to seal the permanent marker writing


Step 1:

If you’re using spice bottles that you’ve saved, take the labels off, rinse and dry the inside, and remove any leftover adhesive.


Step 2:

Tie a piece of ribbon around the jar, tying a simple knot. Trim the ribbon ends to your liking.


Step 3:

Using the hot glue gun, glue the knot to the glass jar to secure the ribbon in place.


Step 4:

Cut the netting holding the tiles together to separate them into however many individual tiles you need. Then peel the netting off of the tile. (I left the other backing on.)


Step 5:

With the permanent marker, write on the tiles the name of the beach and the date to commemorate the event. I wrote “Miami Memories Jan. 2015.” Let it dry for a few minutes.

 Step 6 (optional):

As I was handling the tiles, I realized that the permanent marker on some was rubbing off slightly. To avoid having to make repairs with the marker later, I dabbed on some pearlizing medium to “seal” the marker. It made it a little harder to read in some angles/lights, but the effect was kind of neat and I knew the marker wouldn’t rub off.








Step 7:

Using the hot glue gun, glue a tile onto the ribboned jar on the side opposite the knot. Press to secure, and you’re finished! 🙂


The best part is that the receiver gets to do the filling of the jar, making and savoring their own beach memories in the process.

Feeling the soft sand grains, breathing in the sea breeze, and listening to joyous sounds of beach-goers will be preserved in their sand jar for many years to come!


Live porpoisefully, The Taylors

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